10 to 15 occupiers were killed, and about the same number were wounded

10 to 15 occupiers were killed, and about the same number were wounded

It was reported management strategic communications of the Armed Forces and State Border Service.

“According to preliminary information, this is a video confirmation of a well-intentioned “smoking in an unspecified place”, which is located in Nova Kakhovka. It has also been previously found out that 10 to 15 occupants have left the chat room forever and approximately the same number are preparing to leave,” – says the messages

According to the data of the State Border Service, at least 12 hives have been eliminated. Final data on enemy casualties are being verified.

  • According to intelligence, after the explosions in Crimea, the invaders are urgently evacuating aircraft deep into the peninsula and into Russia. Such activity is observed after a series of explosions at military infrastructure facilities in the temporarily occupied Crimea, in particular at the Saky and Gvardiyske airfields.
  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces reported that in the war with Ukraine, the Russian occupiers suffer losses, often commit sabotage and resort to self-mutilation due to demoralization.
  • Azov special operations forces released a video of how they destroyed the enemy headquarters of the occupiers and at least one BMP.

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