Російські війська 12 разів обстріляли прикордонні громади в Сумській області, було зафіксовано близько 130 прильотів.

130 “arrivals” were recorded in Sumy Oblast due to Russian shelling – Zhivytskyi

Dmytro Zhivytskyifacebook.com/Zhyvytskyy

On Tuesday, August 16, Russian troops opened fire 12 times in the Sumy region. In total, about 130 arrivals in Sumy Oblast were recorded.

Dmytro Zhivytskyi, the head of Sumy OVA, reported this in Telegram.

According to his words, in the morning the Khotyn community was attacked by the enemy with the help of a grenade launcher, there were 26 attacks. At the same time, the Russians shelled the Bilopol community with mortars and barrel artillery. Total – 48 arrivals.

“Khotin community: around 11:00, the enemy opened fire from a grenade launcher (30 mm) – 26 hits. Bilopol community: from 3:10 p.m. to 4:35 p.m., mortar shelling took place from the territory of the Russian Federation – 20 attacks. The mortar shelling of the community continued at 20:12 – 23 flights arrived. Also, the Russians shelled the community with barrel artillery – five approaches, from the territory of the Russian Federation, it’s been about 21 hours.”– wrote Zhivytskyi.

At the same time, during the day, the Mykolaiv and Shalygin communities were attacked by the enemy with the help of artillery. 41 arrivals were recorded there.

And already in the evening, the Russians started shelling the Krasnopil community with mortars, there were 12 attacks in total.

“Fortunately, there were no casualties. After the evening shelling, information about the destruction is being clarified”– added the head of the OVA.

We will remind you that a harvester exploded during field work in Sumy Oblast – as a result of the incident, the driver was seriously injured.

The day before, it became known that the occupiers are remotely mining villages in the Kharkiv region.

We previously reported that all critical infrastructure facilities were fully restored in Sumy Oblast.

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