5 advantages of buying a turnkey car from America® |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

5 advantages of buying a turnkey car from America® | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Turnkey car from the USA is the choice of those who want to buy a virtually new car of the middle or premium class with significant discounts (up to 40-50%). We offer to consider 5 key advantages that this method of buying a “four-wheeled horse” provides.

Huge choice

Cars from Canada or the United States of America are novelties of the American, Asian (primarily Japanese) and European automotive industry, as well as chic vintage cars. We pay special attention to electric vehicles – the selection of used vehicles from other continents is many times larger than in Ukraine or even the EU.

Financial savings

Even taking into account transportation across the ocean, customs payments and all additional payments, the car will save up to 40%, even if you buy a used car, for example, from Europe or on the Ukrainian market. A special will help calculate the amount of all additional payments (customs, VAT, excise). car customs clearance calculator from the USA. In its fields, you need to enter the characteristics of the car (year of manufacture, engine volume and cost), and you will receive the amount for each of the taxes and their amount. In general, you can buy a good car for 7-10 thousand dollars.

Confidence in the car’s past

Buying cars from the USA in Ukraine at official auctions, you can be sure that the car is not stolen. In addition, its documents contain all the true information about road accidents or flooding (usually after serious damage, cars are not put up at official auctions). This is monitored very seriously in America, so any risks are excluded.

Good technical condition

Before exhibiting the lot, the car is inspected by professional technicians who examine every detail. They are responsible for the final “diagnosis” of the technical condition of the machine. As we said above, in the USA and Canada, objectivity and truthfulness of information are taken very seriously, so you can have no doubts: if the description says that the car is in perfect technical condition, then it is. Having driven the car, you will not have to spend additional money on its repair.

No hassle

This advantage is provided that you seek help from professionals. In Ukraine, the Car Hunter company provides assistance in buying a car from an American auction.

The company will help you find your ideal car, win a lot with it at an auction, organize transportation and customs clearance, and even deliver it to your home if desired. From you – only the desired model and budget framework. And the main thing is that it will significantly increase the total amount, and maybe even vice versa. After all, professionals know how to buy and what to save on!

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