73% of Americans support Ukraine joining NATO

73% of Americans support Ukraine joining NATO

About this testify results of the Chicago Council Surveys.

The survey concerned the entry into the North Atlantic Alliance of Finland, Sweden, Ukraine and Georgia. Most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, support NATO expansion.

Finland and Sweden have the highest approval for joining the alliance – 76% each support it. Almost three quarters of respondents (73%) support Ukraine’s accession to NATO. Slightly fewer respondents supported the accession of Georgia – 67%.

In addition, a sociological study showed that 64% of Americans believe in the ability of NATO leaders to shape policies in favor of the United States. 77% of Democrats and 54% of Republicans are confident in the leaders of NATO. The Chicago Council Surveys reported that today NATO has the greatest support among Americans in the last 48 years.

  • It will be recalled that Urmas Paet, a member of the European Parliament, noted on the Espresso TV channel that Ukraine is getting closer to NATO membership every day.

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