750 cars were stuck on the way from Crimea to the Russian Federation


About this informs pro-Ukrainian Telegram channel “Crimean Wind”.

As of 18:00 on Friday, September 15, more than 750 cars were stuck in the queue for inspection before entering the Crimean Bridge. They are expected to stand in line for at least 3 hours.

But there are actually no queues to enter the temporarily occupied Crimea. On the Russian side, there are 55 vehicles in front of the checkpoint.

  • On the night of September 13, there was a massive rocket attack on the ship repair plant in Sevastopol. As a result, two vessels were damaged. Russia blames Ukraine for the attack. Ukrainian intelligence confirmed the destruction of a large amphibious ship and a submarine of the Russian Federation.
  • On September 14, the Defense Forces of Ukraine struck two patrol ships of the project 22160 “Vasyl Bykov” type of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

Fuente: espreso.tv


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