A British defense company plans to produce artillery spare parts in Ukraine


Photo: finance.ua

The largest British defense company BAE Systems can start production of spare parts for light artillery in Ukraine within a few months.

This was stated by the CEO of the company, Charles Woodburn, reports Financial Times.

He noted that it is about the production of spare parts for a 105 mm light howitzer. This is the first time that BAE Systems has given clearly defined terms.

The production of elements of a light howitzer at the existing capacities in Ukraine is considered as the first stage with the subsequent deployment of the production of other more complex weapons. But the decision on whether and when to build a plant will take some time.

It will be recalled that at the end of August it became known that BAE Systems will open an office in Ukraine, and also later plans to deploy capacities for the repair and production of weapons and military equipment.

In July, it was reported that the construction of a factory for the production of Turkish Bayraktar drones began in Ukraine.

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Source: A British defense company plans to produce artillery spare parts in Ukraine


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