A cleaning expert told how to properly wash towels


The expert warns against using fabric softener when washing.

A laundry expert believes that most people do not wash their towels correctly /

A cleaning expert revealed that most people wash their towels incorrectly and shared the correct way. As written Mirrorcleaning expert Anne Russell talked about proper washing techniques in her TikTok video.

“First of all, if you are washing any fabric that will be used to absorb water, be it a towel, tea towel, dish cloth, dust cloth, do not use fabric softener as it will prevent the fabric from absorbing water. and it will make your towels much less effective,” she says.

She also noted that it is not necessary to use a detergent for washing towels.

The expert said that she uses a detergent when washing towels only if she needs to get rid of stubborn stains, for example, from cosmetics. At the same time, if the towels have just been used for a while, she washes them in plain water.

Most of the dirt on the towel will wash off with plain water, she says, and if you use detergent, don’t use too much because it will build up on the towels over time, making them “weird, slightly prickly and a little stiff.”

Anne also mentioned that you can use vinegar as a substitute for hard water softener. She also recommended using baking soda as an alternative to detergent.

She also offered advice on drying towels, saying she shakes and turns the towels every now and then, claiming that “it makes them soft” because it “opens up the fibers” so they don’t become stiff.

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