A collaborator who, together with the occupiers, robbed the houses of his fellow villagers was jailed for 10 years


A resident of Novy Burluk village of Chuguyiv district actively supported the Russian Federation and expressed his position against Ukraine and its authorities. After the occupation of the settlement, the man helped the army of the aggressor country and became an “assistant” of the Russian commandant.

About this informs prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region.

Since March of last year, he has been “directing” the Russian military to the homes of his fellow villagers with the aim of further robbery.

After that, Russian servicemen together with the convict conducted “searches” in people’s houses and, threatening civilians with weapons, took money, cars, household appliances and other property.

After the de-occupation of the settlement, the man was detained.

In court, he pleaded not guilty and added that he “did not betray the state.”

By the verdict of the Kyiv District Court dated June 7, 2023, the man was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment with deprivation of the right to hold positions in state authorities and to engage in activities related to the performance of state and local self-government functions for 12 years and from confiscation of property.

The defense filed an appeal, in which they asked to cancel the verdict and refer the case to the court of first instance for a new trial. However, the panel of judges of the Kharkiv Court of Appeal supported the position of the regional prosecutor’s office and left the verdict unchanged, and the appeal was dismissed.

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