A competition for the Oles Honchar award is announced among creative youth

A competition for the Oles Honchar award is announced among creative youth

About this it is said on the portal of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine.

“We sincerely wish inspired work to young talents who will join the already numerous community of authors-potters, whose names are already engraved in the modern literary process,” the message reads.

It is noted that the submission of works by young writers will continue until March 15, 2023. Both published and unpublished works of Ukrainian-speaking authors under the age of 30 living in Ukraine and abroad are accepted for the competition.

“Manuscripts or electronic versions of published publications are requested to be sent by March 15, 2023 inclusive, together with biographical information, home and email addresses, and contact phone numbers to: [email protected]”, – the NSPU notes.

Works that have already been awarded other prizes or state awards are not nominated for the Prize.

The ceremonial announcement of laureates and the awarding of awards to the winners is traditionally planned for April 3 – Oles Honchar’s birthday.

certificate: International German-Ukrainian prize named after Oles Honchar – a literary award for creative youth. It was founded in 1996 by German patrons Tetiana Kushtevska and Dieter Karrenberg and the National Union of Writers of Ukraine.

It is known that the decision is made by a jury, which includes famous writers, scientists and cultural figures: Tetiana Kushtevska, Natalia Bjorner, Valentina Gonchar, Lesya Gonchar, Oleksandr Balabko. Dmytro Chistyak has the honor to head the jury after the distinguished predecessors Ivan Drach and Petr Perebijnos.

  • On November 17, writer Artem Cheh received the Joseph Konrad-Kozhenovsky Prize. This time the award was 3,000 euros from the Polish Institute in Kyiv, a six-month internship at the expense of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and the National Center of Culture (Warsaw).

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