A criminal case was initiated against the governor of Lavra Pavlo - news from Ukraine, Politics

A criminal case was initiated against the governor of Lavra Pavlo – news from Ukraine, Politics

A criminal case was initiated against the governor of Lavra

Against the Metropolitan of the UOC-MP, the abbot of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Pavel (Lebed), criminal proceedings were opened because of his statements about the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and its primate Epiphany. About it informs people’s deputy Yaroslav Yurchyshynaccording to whose statement the case was initiated.

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Proceedings were opened “on the fact that a clergyman of the UOC-MP uttered statements aimed at inciting religious hatred,” the Office of the Prosecutor General said in response to Yurchyshyn’s request.

Pavel’s actions are qualified under the article on violation of the equality of citizens depending on their race, nationality, regional affiliation, religious beliefs, disability and other signs (part 2 of article 161 of the Criminal Code).

Yurchyshyn cites the words of the priest from the Christmas speech, because of which the deputy turned to law enforcement agencies: “The Assumption Cathedral was given to a schismatic and self-consecrated. Filaret, self-sanctified – Epiphanius. They tell me to commemorate Epiphanius. Who is the real hell? Raskolnik? All the abomination “began with Filaret.”

“Today, the powerful Herods reject Christ, they kill not 14,000 babies, but millions of people. Like a demon, they did everything wisely. Under the guise of unification, they began a persecution of the Church. They want to destroy Alexander Nevsky. This is a group of atheists, bandits, waging an open war against the church. The main thing for them is not war. The main thing is to destroy the holy catholic and apostolic church. That is, to distract us from Christ,” said Paul.

  • Earlier, Pavel (Lebed) called on the President Vladimir Zelensky leave the Assumption Cathedral and the Refectory Church located on the territory of the Lavra behind the UOC-MP.
  • Minister of Culture Alexander Tkachenko explained that the UOC-MP agreement on the lease of the Assumption and Refectory churches in the Upper Lavra was expiring.
  • On January 7, Epiphanius held a Christmas service at the Assumption Cathedral.

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