A former US military officer assessed the likelihood of an attack from Belarus

A former US military officer assessed the likelihood of an attack from Belarus

Tabakh said this in an interview with the publication “Glavkom”.

“War is generally a dangerous thing. As General Valery Zaluzhnyi says, one must be prepared for everything from a nuclear strike to an attack on Kyiv. And so, it seems that they (the occupiers – ed.) are regrouping in Belarus, repairing the railways. That is, they are trying to create rear and supply lines, and also to transfer troops. Everything you should expect from them. But I don’t think Belarus will change anything in this war. First, it has a very small army. Second, who will protect Lukashenka from his own people?” – said Tabakh.

The expert also reminded that a number of Belarusian officers publicly call on the Belarusian military not to join the war against Ukraine.

“There are a lot of Belarusian officers, for example, Valery Sakhashchyk, who very often speaks in the media, who call on Belarusian officers not to do stupid things and not to join the war. I don’t think that Belarusian soldiers will want to participate in this war against Ukraine,” – suggested Tabah.

According to the expert, Ukraine is currently better prepared for a possible attack by Belarus than it was at the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

“Currently, the bridges are blown up where necessary, mines have already been laid. They will not be able to just enter. And if they enter, there will be a mass, many people will die. And Lukashenko risks a lot of things with such participation, that’s why he is afraid,” said Tabakh.

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