A full-fledged anti-drone dome over Kyiv will appear in 2 years

A full-fledged anti-drone dome over Kyiv will appear in 2 years

Today, October 15, the TV channel will talk about it FREEDOM Yuriy Zozulya, adviser to the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, said.

It is reported that he emphasized that Ukraine has entered a new stage of modern warfare. Therefore, the creation of such domes became a necessity, because the damage caused by strike drones has become comparable to missile strikes.

“Therefore, the creation of such a dome, above all over the capital, is a unique thing for the whole world. That is, if we have a long-standing, let’s say, since the last century, anti-missile defense system, anti-aircraft defense system. We defended ourselves against airplanes, ballistic missiles, medium-range missiles , a long range. But now we have a new challenge that the whole world has faced,” Zozulya noted.

According to him, scientists from different NATO countries participate in the development of the project.

“The whole world has come to the aid of Ukraine and is creating a new system that has not been used anywhere before. It will be replicated not only in the cities of Ukraine, but also, I think, all over the world. Both British and Canadian scientists are participating in the project. In principle, almost the entire scientific and technical potential of NATO is involved,” the adviser to the Mayor of Kyiv emphasized.

In addition, according to Zozuli, it will take two years to create such a full-fledged dome.

“But I want to say that this dome is already working fragmentarily in Kyiv. There are particularly important objects that are protected by such anti-drone systems,” the mayor’s adviser clarified.

  • On October 10 and 11, Ukraine was subjected to massive rocket fire. There are dead and wounded.
  • As of October 14, 35 people who were injured as a result of the massive rocket attack on October 10 are still in Kyiv hospitals

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