A girl bought an abandoned house and found a real treasure in it (video)


A young restorer was thinking of living in an old house, but found an unexpected surprise.

A girl bought an old house from a widow and found a treasure there / screenshot

A young American woman found a “treasure” in an old house that she bought together with her husband. The girl shared her discovery with subscribers in “Tik Tok“.

Maggie McGough is a young restorer. In 2022, she and her husband bought an abandoned house and spent a whole year trying to turn it into a cozy home. The house had been abandoned since the early 2000s, so when she bought it, the girl did not really look into what was stored in several sheds and the interior of the house.

Maggie said she bought the house from a widow who “closed the door and never looked after” it after her husband died. So the house was filled with all kinds of household treasures, although it was neglected.

While gradually putting things in order in her new property, Maggie found a lot of interesting things. And the skeleton of a squirrel in one of the beds was far from the most impressive thing.

Part of the estate was occupied by a locked barn, which Maggie could not get into for a long time. Not only strong castles, but also a considerable number of large, scary spiders were a hindrance. In the end, the girl did manage to open the barn door. What she found there really impressed her.

According to Maggie, there was a lot of “amazing equipment” in the shed, but the main prize was a small boat in good condition. In the comments under the video, one of the subscribers to the girl’s channel noted that the boat looked “expensive” and advised Maggie to try to sell it.

screenshot screenshot

It will be recalled that earlier UNIAN wrote how waves washed ashore a dead whale in the Canary Islands. Inside, scientists found a huge piece of ambergris – a substance known as “floating gold”.

A piece of ambergris weighing about 9.5 kg removed from the whale’s body can be worth about 500,000 euros. This substance, which probably killed the whale, is highly valued in perfumery.

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