A harvester blew up on an enemy mine


On September 10, around 10:30 a.m., there was another case of detonation of agricultural machinery using explosive devices left by the occupiers in Kharkiv region.

About this informs State Emergency Service of Kharkiv region.

While working in the field near the village of Andriivka, Izyum district, a Claas combine was blown up by an enemy mine. According to preliminary information, the combine operator received minor injuries from glass fragments and refused to be hospitalized.

For the survey of the territory adjacent to the place of the explosion, the pyrotechnic calculation of the State Emergency Service was involved. Thanks to them, it was possible to evacuate two units of other agricultural machinery from the field without loss.

The State Emergency Service once again appeals to citizens to be as careful as possible and always remember the high mine danger. “Ignoring safety rules can lead to irreparable consequences. Do not drive on unknown or untested dirt roads. Do not touch any suspicious or unfamiliar objects. Do not visit forests, forest strips, fields, river floodplains and other open spaces, especially those where battles were fought or which were under enemy occupation.

Harvester 9 blew up on an enemy mine

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