a house, a university and a civilian enterprise were hit, a person died.  News of the war in Ukraine

a house, a university and a civilian enterprise were hit, a person died. News of the war in Ukraine

Head of Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov the telegram reports that the dead woman was 52 years old. Another person was also treated on the spot.

“Now at the site of the hits, the rescuers continue to sort out the debris. The law enforcement officers are carefully documenting all the war crimes committed by the Russians,” added the head of the OVA.

At least 5 rocket strikes on the regional center were recorded.

“In the Kyiv region, the building of one of the higher education institutions was destroyed, in Osnovyansky – the building of a civil enterprise, in Nemyshlyansky – rockets hit 2 private houses,” Sinegubov writes.

The leader of the Kharkiv region adds that it is now known about one dead woman who was guarding an educational institution.

Information about victims and destruction is being clarified.

In addition, during August 18, the Rashists fired artillery at the settlements of the Chuguyiv, Kharkiv, and Bogoduhiv districts of the region.

“Residential buildings and farm buildings were damaged, grass and wheat in the field burned. In the Zolochiv community, fires broke out in the premises of the club, the library, and in the fields. A 68-year-old man was injured in Pechenegy, Chuguyiv district,” added the head of HOVA.

Earlier, the mayor of Kharkiv informed about this in a telegram Igor Terekhov.

“At 05:44 a.m. shelling of Kharkiv. Kyiv, Osnov’yansky and Nemyshlyansky districts of the city are under attack,” writes Terekhov.

The rioters hit a residential building, where, previously, one person was injured.

In addition, as a result of shelling by the occupiers, a fire broke out at an infrastructure object.

  • On August 15, the occupiers shelled a residential quarter in the Saltiv district of Kharkiv with the Grad rocket salvo fire systems. The regional prosecutor’s office reported the death of a 75-year-old woman as a result of shelling and wounding of six more people. In the evening of August 15, the Russians shelled Kharkiv with artillery.
  • On August 16, the Russian occupiers struck Kharkov again.
  • On the morning of August 17, the Rashists from Belgorod fired at least 5 rockets in the direction of Kharkiv. One of them hit the Slobid district of the city. In the evening of August 17, a Russian aggressor struck a residential building in the Saltiv district of Kharkiv.

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