A man from Kherson, wounded in the apartment during the video shelling, died in the hospital


The man’s neighbors had to climb onto the balcony of the second floor of his apartment to open it and hand over the wounded man to the medics.

The victim could not open the door due to his injuries and was lying bleeding on the floor / screenshot

A man who was wounded as a result of this morning’s shelling of Kherson died in the hospital. About this reported Oleksandr Prokudin, head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

“The heart of a Kherson man who was injured by the morning Russian shelling of a high-rise building stopped at the medical facility,” the official said.

According to him, a 53-year-old man came under enemy attack in his own apartment. He received severe chest injuries and traumatic shock.

Prokudin released a video recording of how the neighbors had to climb onto the second-floor balcony of the apartment where the wounded man lived in order to open the door and hand him over to doctors. People said that immediately after the explosion, they heard a moan coming from this apartment. The victim could not open the door due to his injuries and was lying bleeding on the floor.

“Doctors tried to save his life, but the injuries turned out to be fatal…” – said the head of the administration.

The Kherson OVA also reported that as a result of enemy shelling of a high-rise building, two people were injured – a woman and a 44-year-old man.

It is also noted that last day the enemy carried out 60 shellings of the right bank of the Kherson region, firing almost 240 shells from mortars, artillery, “Grads”, UAVs and aviation. The enemy fired 10 shells at Kherson alone.

Morning shelling of Kyiv by the Russians: what is known so far

This morning, the Russian invaders attacked Kyiv with Dagger missiles. Debris of one of the downed missiles fell on the territory of a children’s hospital in the capital’s Obolon district.

Also, two more places where rocket fragments fell were found in this area – in an open area in one of the cottage cooperatives and on the roof of a private house on Bogatyrska Street. There are no casualties.

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