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Ashura University of Aerospace Sciences and Technology in Iran announced the release of a new Shahed-238 drone. Video was published Iranian media.

The presentation of the developments took place during Supreme Leader’s visit countries Ayatollah Khamenei to the university in Tehran, where he was introduced to the latest achievements of the aerospace forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The exhibition featured a jet modification of the Shahed-136 – Shahed-238. It was presented in three versions with different guidance systems.

Edition Military noted that In addition to the classic version with an autonomous guidance system using an inertial system and GPS signals, modifications with an infrared/optical and, probably, radar guidance system were also presented.

A version with an infrared/optical guidance system can be used to destroy heat-contrasting targets, in particular important military equipment in the rear, the material says.

  • On September 22, 2023, new military equipment was shown at a parade in Tehran, in particular β€œa drone with the world’s longest range,” as well as ballistic and hypersonic missiles.
  • On September 27, the sanctions division of the US Treasury Department announced on the imposition of sanctions against five companies and two individuals involved in the production of Shahed-136 drones.
  • On November 14, it was reported that Russia continues to build a plant for the production of Iranian Shahed drones, but Western countries have not imposed sanctions on the owner of the enterprise.

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