A national multi-subject test is planned instead of the external examination in 2023  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

A national multi-subject test is planned instead of the external examination in 2023 News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The Ministry of Education and Science is considering the option of conducting an improved National multi-subject test in 2023 as an alternative to external independent assessment.

This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Education and Culture Serhii Shkarlet, writes Public.

“ZNO was and will be a mechanism for transparent admission to institutions of higher education. However, in the conditions of martial law, there are obstacles to its organization and implementation. It is also impossible to test potential entrants to Ukrainian institutions of higher education who are temporarily abroad,” said Shkarlet.

He emphasized that the security component and logistical difficulties do not allow the MES to plan an external independent evaluation in the traditional format. However, the test tasks will be completed in accordance with the programs of the external examination in the relevant subjects.

NMT-2023 will have mandatory and additional blocks. The compulsory block will consist of four subjects:

Ukrainian language;


history of Ukraine;

foreign language (English, French, German and Spanish languages ​​will be offered at the choice of entrants).

For 90 minutes, the participants will complete tasks on the Ukrainian language and mathematics, and after a short break, they will work on tasks on the history of Ukraine and a foreign language for another 90 minutes.

Entrants will be able to take an additional block of NMT in physics, chemistry or biology, the result of which will be able to replace an assessment in the history of Ukraine or a foreign language, on a separate day. Testing of additional subjects will last 75 minutes.

It is planned to register applicants for participation in the NMT in April, and the testing itself will be conducted in June – July 2023 within the framework of the main and additional sessions.

The following results can be used for admission in 2023:

NMT of 2023;

NMT of 2022;

ZNO 2020-2021.

At the same time, Skarlet emphasized that it is possible to change the format of the entrance exams only after the adoption of the relevant Law by the Parliament.

“The Ministry of Education and Culture will provide more information after submitting the draft law for consideration to the parliament and will publish the draft Procedure for admission to higher education institutions in 2023 for public discussion,” he added.

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