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a passenger filmed the moment of the plane crash in Nepal (video)

The footage shows that the plane was calmly descending, but at the last moment everything changed.

a passenger filmed the moment of the plane crash in A passenger filmed the moment the plane fell in Nepal / screenshot

On January 15, a Yeti Airlines passenger plane with 72 people on board tragically crashed in Nepal. According to the latest information, they all died. The eerie moment of the plane wreck was captured on video by one of the passengers.

At the time of the accident, the man was streaming the plane’s landing on Facebook. Through the porthole window, the passenger showed how the airliner was coming in for landing. The plane was descending, but suddenly wobbled. Then the picture on the video is interrupted by the screams of people and hell fire.

The pilots managed to get the plane away from the houses. The liner flew into a gorge. The causes of the accident are being established. Among the victims are 53 Nepalese, five Indians, four Russians and two Koreans. There were also one person each from Ireland, Australia, Argentina and France on board. Among the passengers were two babies.

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Airplane crash in Nepal

In Nepal, on Sunday morning, January 15, an ATR 72 aircraft of Yeti Airlines, which was flying to Pokhara from Kathmandu, crashed. This plane crash became the worst in 30 years in this small Himalayan country.

A total of 68 passengers and four crew members were on board the plane that crashed between the old airport and the Pokhara International Airport. Previously, as a result of the plane crash, everyone on board died.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine later noted that there were no Ukrainians on board the plane that crashed.

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