A rare diamond, The Fortune Pink, was sold at an auction in Geneva for $28.8 million

A rare diamond, The Fortune Pink, was sold at an auction in Geneva for $28.8 million

About this reports Reuters.

The largest bright pink pear-shaped diamond ever to be auctioned sold on Tuesday, Nov. 8, for 28.4 million Swiss francs, or $28.8 million, including commissions and taxes.

The sale price turned out to be lower than expected. Fortune’s 18.18-carat pink diamond was expected to fetch between $25 million and $35 million. The auction house predicted that Asians would want to buy the stone, because among them 18 is considered a lucky number that brings good luck, so it was assumed that the price could soar beyond the figure of 35 million dollars.

Bidding, which lasted four minutes, started at 17 million Swiss francs. Three telephone bidders competed for the diamond. In the end, the winner got the gem, increasing the bet by half a million. As expected, the diamond was purchased by an anonymous buyer from Asia.

The auctioneer said the bright, deep pink stone was mined in Brazil more than 15 years ago. He refused to reveal the name of its owner, but called the diamond “a real miracle of nature.”

To date, the largest pink diamond ever sold at auction was the Winston Pink Legacy gem. This rare stone weighing 18.96 carats was sold in 2018 for a record 50 million dollars.

Since the closure of Western Australia’s Argyle mine in 2020, which was the source of more than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, demand for these gems has grown exponentially amid rapidly shrinking supply.

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