A record shipment of cocaine worth 600 million euros was discovered in Rotterdam


About it, how informs broadcaster NOS.

Cocaine was discovered on July 13. The “catch” was announced only now due to an investigation into the origin of the drugs.

The drugs, which have a street value of €600 million, were found in a container of bananas. The cargo originated in Ecuador and arrived in Rotterdam via Panama.

Customs detected the consignment of drugs during the inspection of the container with the help of service dogs and scanning. After that, the drugs were destroyed.

The largest “catch” so far was about 4,500 kilograms, reports the director of customs at the port of Rotterdam.

The big “catch” will cause unrest in the criminal environment, expects Jan Struys, head of the Dutch Police Union: “This is an unprecedentedly large party, so we will definitely see its consequences.”

In recent years, Ecuador has become one of the main exporters of cocaine to Europe and the USA. After the US and Spain, the Netherlands was the most important destination for drugs from that country last year.

  • On November 24, the Colombian military seized 10 tons of cocaine worth $300 million from the rebels.
  • On April 18, the police found 2 tons of cocaine in the sea off the coast of Sicily, and on May 16, a record shipment of cocaine weighing 2,734 kg was discovered and confiscated in Italy, which was being transported from Ecuador to Armenia via Georgia.
  • In mid-June, law enforcement officers found 1.6 tons of cocaine worth more than 120 million pounds in the Port of London.
  • In July, Italian authorities seized a record shipment of cocaine weighing 5.3 tons, which was transported by ship off the southern coast of Sicily.

Fuente: espreso.tv


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