A Turkish ship with a crew went missing in the Black Sea


Photo: kafkametler.com

The Turkish cargo ship Kafkametler disappeared near the northwestern coast of Turkey during a strong storm on November 19. It was transporting a cargo of ferroalloys from the Russian port of Temryuk to the port of Aliaga in Turkey.

About this informs TRT News.

As reported in the division of the Ministry of Transport, the ship sent a distress signal at 10:29 am (07:29 GMT). It is also noted that the last signal was given near the city of Eregli in the north-west of the country.

There are 12 crew members on board the cargo ship. It was also not possible to contact them. The captain of the ship reported before the incident that he was drifting towards the Karadeniz Eregli military breakwater.

It is known that the region was hit by powerful storms and the unfavorable weather did not allow air and sea vessels to conduct searches.

The Directorate General of Maritime Affairs has promised to start a search operation with the help of aircraft and marine equipment as soon as weather conditions allow.

It will be recalled that on November 19, due to a storm, a civilian ship broke in half off the coast of Turkey.

Also in the Red Sea, the Yemeni Houthis seized a cargo ship, among whose crew members are Ukrainians.

A few days earlier, when leaving the Ukrainian port, a grain truck came across a mine.

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Source: A Turkish ship with a crew went missing in the Black Sea


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