a world football star was involved in the scandal


It is about the Italian football referee Pierluigi Collina.

Italian football referee Pierluigi Collina / screenshot

The fake signature of the famous Italian football referee Pierluigi Collina appears in the case concerning the construction of a plant for the production of artificial grass.

Officials of the Ukrainian Football Association, led by Andrii Pavelek, forged the signature of world-famous football referee Pierluigi Collina and, it seems, involved him in a criminal case about the construction of a factory for the production of artificial surfaces at an inflated price. The same one in which Andrii Pavelko and his deputy Yuriy Zapisotskyi received suspicions, for which they are in the Lviv pre-trial detention center.

This is about it in the plot of TSN.

During the hearing at the Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Lviv, where the continuation of the preventive measure against Yury Zapisotskyi was considered, the lawyer asked the court to attach additional evidence to the investigation materials.

After a few minutes of familiarization with them, the prosecutor finds inconsistencies – instead of the additional agreement dated 07/1/2015, the court was given the agreement itself dated 06/18/2015.

Jury Zapisotskyi’s lawyer justifies this moment with an alleged technical error. But during the court debate, it becomes clear that the defense deliberately brought the wrong documents to the court.

Collina’s forged signature

We are talking about a contract with the most famous referee in the world, Pierluigi Collina. He worked in Ukraine since 2010. In June 2015, the FFU congress decided to sign another contract with him. For him, the Italian was to receive six hundred thousand euros.

The document was signed on June 18. And two weeks later, allegedly, an additional agreement was signed. Another six hundred and eighty thousand euros were added to Collina’s salary. And here it gets really interesting…

In the contract, according to which the famous referee’s salary was doubled, instead of the signature of Collina himself, there is an inexplicable blank.

But that’s not all. On the Ukrainian side, the document was signed by the then president of the Ukrainian Premier League and part-time executive director of the Football Federation, Volodymyr Geninson. In the protocol of his interrogation, which was read by prosecutor Kovalev in court, he claims that he did not sign this document, and Collina’s signature is also not similar.

What is the role of forgery in the Pavelka case

Why is there a plant for the production of artificial grass? Everything is simple and at the same time not quite.

In 2016, the Football Federation spends 8 million euros on this factory, 7 of which go to real equipment manufacturers from the USA, Britain and Denmark. A million was left in the laying company from the Emirate offshore. Then this million goes to the account of the Softex company, which allegedly helped install the equipment. And, according to Andriy Pavelek, it was this company that closed the debt to Collina under this additional contract with a dubious signature.

The day after the court session, at which the arrest of UAF General Secretary Yury Zapisotskyi was extended for another two months, the federation’s website issued a post denying the falsification of any documents and published a bank statement from the transfer of money from Softex’s account to Collina’s account. What amount was transferred to the Italian was hidden.

Also, UAF did not provide a copy of the additional agreement with the real signature of Kolina.

The famous referee himself has not yet reacted to the situation with the forged signature, but the Ukrainian investigation is already preparing to question Collina on this matter.



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