After the victory, the society’s pressure on the government will be tougher – Serhiy Zhadan


That’s what he’s about stated in a conversation with journalist Sonia Koshkina.

According to him, the new social contract “will be much tougher.”

“I think that there will be much more pressure and much more control from society. At least, it seems so to me and there is such a certain illusion,” said Zhadan.

At the same time, as the writer emphasized, the threat of political populism will increase.

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“In places, it seems to me, it will be dangerous, because where there is excessive pressure on institutions, this is obviously a very good field for manipulation by the political community, for populism. When the political community is not so much guided by social expediency as by conjunctural today’s moods. And this morning everyone wants hot water – let’s turn on this hot water! And tomorrow everyone forgot about hot water – let’s turn it off and turn on something else that society requires,” Serhiy Zhadan explained.

“Not society, but Facebook, by the way,” the writer added.



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