All taxes will remain unchanged in the 2023 State Budget

All taxes will remain unchanged in the 2023 State Budget

He told about this on Espresso.

“We leave everything related to income tax or income unchanged for next year, in particular personal income tax paid by military units to the budget. That’s why there are no changes. Thank you to all the deputies, representatives of business associations, we really convinced the government that in order to , so as not to disrupt business now, not to push them to change their tax residency, taxes for next year simply will not change,” Yaroslav Zhelezniak emphasized.

The People’s Deputy said that excise taxes on fuel will gradually increase, but this decision was made and discussed with business representatives earlier.

“There is no change in 2023 for any of the taxes, except for the gradual increase in excise taxes, but this was written a long time ago and agreed with business. Therefore, in this case, in the tax part, you can definitely call it a victory,” he said.

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