Almost 10 suicide bombers were shot down near Kiev: all of them that Russia tried to hit the capital with – KMVA | News of Ukraine


On the night of November 18, the Russian occupiers tried to attack Kyiv with Shahed kamikaze drones; Ukrainian air defense destroyed all enemy targets on the approaches to the capital. About it reported in the city military administration.

According to local authorities, Russia launched the drones from the south, all of them, almost 10 units, were shot down by air defense forces near Kiev. According to preliminary data, there were no casualties or destruction.

That night, a large-scale air alert was announced for the southern, western and northern regions; several groups of attack drones flew into Ukrainian airspace.

Russia attacked Kyiv and the region, Odessa and Khmelnytsky regions. Deputy Chairman of the Khmelnitsky OVA Sergei Tyurin reported about the work of air defense in the region. There were no reports of damage or casualties.

In the morning the alarm was sounded again, the military announced the threat of using ballistics.

  • October 5 Zelensky reported that Germany is working to provide Ukraine with an additional Patriot system for the winter months.
  • On October 10, Germany announced a package for the Armed Forces of Ukraine worth 1 billion euros: with Patriot and IRIS-T.
  • The head of the KMVA, Sergei Popko, said that a multi-level air defense system has been built around Kyiv, which consists of different types of weapons.

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