Almost 300 employers in Kharkiv region received compensation for employing IDPs this year


About the implementation of state employment support programs for internally displaced persons at a briefing in the Official Media Center told Oleksandr Kotukov, director of the Kharkiv Regional Employment Center.

According to his data, in January-October of the current year, 5,600 unemployed people from among IDPs were registered with the employment service, of which 1,053 people were employed with the assistance of the service.

Also, during this time, 169 unemployed people took part in public works, 1299 people were assigned to socially useful works.

In order to facilitate the adaptation of IDPs to the labor market, the state implements a program to support employers. In particular, employers who employ this category of population after February 24, 2022, have the right to receive compensation for each employed citizen in the amount of UAH 6,700 per month during the first two months from the date of employment.

“During January-October of this year, 299 employers received this compensation in the amount of UAH 8.5 million for employing 676 IDPs,” Oleksandr Kotukov said.

In addition, he reported that the Kharkiv region ranks 2nd in Ukraine in terms of the number of issued study vouchers. As of November 1, more than 1,300 vouchers have been issued. Certain categories of people receive them: people over 45, IDPs, war veterans, etc.

“Vouchers are issued for 79 professions and 45 specialties. Recently, the profession of sapper was added to the list. Accordingly, with vouchers, we can train sappers, who are in great demand today – the first examples of receiving such vouchers are today.” – said Volodymyr Kotukov.

In addition, the head of the employment service of the Kharkiv region notes the effectiveness of other state programs. In particular, 600 people applied for the “Own business” micro-grant program in the Kharkiv region. Under the program to stop or reduce economic activity, 66 employers benefited from compensation, as a result of which 1,199 jobs were saved.

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