Almost 300,000 officials submitted declarations for 2022, including judges of the KSU


About this informs Oleksandr Novikov, head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, in an interview with Ukrinform.

“Today, two courts of the Constitutional Court submitted declarations for 2021 and zero for 2022,” Novikov noted.

According to him, the Register of Declarations does not have a separate block for indicating the position of a judge of the Supreme Court, they are indicated as just judges, so they cannot share this data there.

Novikov also noted that, in general, among judges, the dynamics of submitting declarations is very good. This shows that the issue of integrity is extremely important for them.

“We know that there is a huge public demand for the judiciary to finally become a model of integrity for other branches of government, especially in light of recent events. In addition, all judges annually submit a declaration of integrity,” he emphasized.

According to the head of the NAKC, this declaration contains an item on whether declarations were submitted in previous years. After all, judges who have not done this can potentially provide inaccurate information in the judge’s declaration of integrity.

According to Novikov, almost 400 thousand officials submitted declarations for 2021, almost 300 thousand – for 2022. Tens of thousands of military personnel are among them.

  • It is not necessary to declare state awards “Named Firearms” and departmental incentive awards “Firearms”.



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