Almost 700 settlements without electricity because of bad weather, hostilities and other reasons


Due to difficult weather conditions, consumers in 240 settlements in Donetsk and Kharkiv regions remain without electricity, the Ministry of Energy reported.

According to its release on Saturday, in Donetsk region, because of unfavorable weather conditions, 194 settlements (45,700 metering points) remain without electricity, in Kharkiv region – 46 settlements (about 10,000 customers). The ministry notes that in this area, due to glaciation, 297 supports were damaged, 20 teams and 43 units of equipment were involved in restoring the networks.

According to the Ministry of Energy, another 443 settlements in Ukraine are without power because of military operations and for technical reasons. In particular, 129 settlements are in Donetsk region, 63 in Zaporizhia region, 45 in Kherson region and 19 in Chernihiv region.

In general, the energy system does not provide for the introduction of shutdown schedules for household consumers, the Ministry of Energy emphasizes.



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