An air alert was announced in Sevastopol, an explosion rang out


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In the evening of October 18, an air alert was announced in temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

Local media reports that a loud explosion was heard in the center of the city.

According to “Crimea. Realia” explosion occurred at 5:34 p.m., after which the air-raid sirens went off in 2 minutes.

Propaganda publications write that in the Sevastopol area, “a Ukrainian anti-ship missile “Neptun” modified to hit ground targets was allegedly shot down.”

According to mass media, the explosion occurred in the area of ​​Saharna Golovka settlement, where Russian military facilities are located.

We will remind you that on October 7, the Defense Forces of Ukraine attacked Russian troops in the temporarily occupied Dzhankoi.

The Russian ship “Pavel Derzhavin” and the tugboat “Mykola Mura” were also attacked near the coast of Crimea during a special operation by the SBU and the Navy.

At the end of September, the Armed Forces successfully struck the command post of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in the area of ​​temporarily occupied Sevastopol. Later, satellite photos appeared showing the consequences of the impact.

According to analysts, Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the Crimean area is making real progress.

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Source: An air alert was announced in Sevastopol, an explosion rang out


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