An anti-personnel mine left by the Russians killed two civilians in the Chuguyiv region: Details from the State Emergency Service |


On October 11 at 09:50 it became known about another accident that happened in the field between the villages of Lebyazhe and Hrakovo of the Chkaliv community. Two men were blown up on an enemy anti-personnel mine of the OZM type. According to preliminary data, these are residents of the village. Lebyazhe, about 35 years old. As a result of the explosion, the men died immediately on the spot.

This area was occupied last year. The positions of the occupiers were arranged there. Therefore, this area is potentially mined and staying on it is prohibited, reported the Kharkiv Regional Emergency Service.

Pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service and law enforcement officers worked at the scene. The final circumstances of the event are being clarified.

The State Emergency Service once again appealed to citizens to be as careful as possible and always remember the high mine danger: “Neglect of safety rules can lead to irreparable consequences. Do not drive on unknown or untested dirt roads. Do not touch any suspicious or unfamiliar objects. Do not visit forests, forest strips, fields, river floodplains and other open spaces, especially those where battles were fought or which were under enemy occupation.

If a suspicious object is found, it is necessary to report the find to the State Emergency Service or the National Police by calling 101, 102 or 112.

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