An enemy henchman was taken into custody: he agreed to cooperate with the invaders


The court satisfied the appeal of the prosecutors of the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office and took into custody without determining the amount of bail a 43-year-old man who is accused of collaborative activities and intentional illegal actions aimed at changing the borders of the territory of Ukraine.

The accused was taken into custody in the courtroom, it is reported prosecutor’s office Kharkiv region.

It will be recalled that the investigation established that at the beginning of July last year, the accused, being in the territory of the Chuguyiv District, which at that time was occupied by the armed forces of the Russian Federation, agreed to cooperate with the invaders.

Having anti-Ukrainian beliefs, the man assumed the position of “assistant chief of the Vovchan territorial administration” in the occupation administration.

The main task of the enemy henchman was to prepare for the so-called “referendum” on joining the territories of the district to the Russian Federation.

The accused campaigned for the residents of the Vovchan community to participate in the “referendum” – organized the distribution of relevant materials, including the propaganda newspaper “Kharkiv-Z”, studied public opinion, searched for and furnished premises for the operation of polling stations.

On September 6 of this year, the Kharkiv Court of Appeal supported the position of the regional prosecutor’s office, canceled the decision of the court of the previous instance and issued a new decision to extend the preventive measure in the form of detention until October 28, 2023 inclusive.

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