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People with a mathematical mind will be able to do this with ease.

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If you want to train your brain or test your mathematical abilities, the Internet provides many opportunities for this. Recently, a new interesting mathematical puzzle appeared on the Internet, which will test whether you are a “man of numbers”.

On the puzzle published on the site Fresherslivethere are three mathematical equations united by one principle: 11+11=4, 12+12=6, 14+14=?

Your task is to determine the correct number in the last equation.

Find the correct number in the equation / photo by fresherslive Find the correct number in the equation / photo by fresherslive

If you have a mathematical mind and attention, it will not be very difficult for you to cope with this puzzle. The success of the solution depends on how quickly you figure out the pattern underlying these equations.

So, the correct answer is 10

You need to add all the numbers in each of the equations:




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Experienced connoisseurs of “brainstorming” will definitely like this mathematical puzzle. In order to reveal its secret, it is necessary to quickly find out which match is superfluous.

But in this puzzle you can feel like a real detective – you need to recognize the thief in the picture.

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