An underground school is being built near Kharkiv


As part of the creation of a safe educational environment in the Kharkiv region, the construction of one of the planned shelters has begun. This is actually a school underground, where children will be able to study.

About this reported in HOVA.

The protective structure in Korotych can accommodate about 500 people at the same time, which corresponds to the number of students and teachers who are in the local secondary school. In addition, during emergencies, this shelter will be able to accommodate people from a nearby kindergarten, offices and other institutions.

The cost of the works is UAH 99.1 million. The shelter will have several rooms, sanitary rooms, 3 exits, will be equipped with an autonomous source of electricity and will be able to withstand a direct hit from the S-300 missile.

In total, the state subvention for the provision of shelters for Kharkiv Oblast amounts to UAH 224.6 million. With these funds, it is planned to cover 31 objects: this is construction, capital repairs and development of project and estimate documentation.

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