Another country banned the entry of cars with Russian license plates


At the same time, exceptions will be made for diplomatic vehicles and other categories.

Norway closes its borders to cars with Russian license plates / photo

Norway has introduced a ban on entry into the country of cars with Russian license plates since October 3.

“Norway stands in solidarity with allies and like-minded people in opposing Russia’s brutal war of aggression,” said Foreign Minister Anniken Hutfeldt, quoted by Associated press.

These restrictions will affect cars with a capacity of up to nine passenger seats. At the same time, buses and minibuses with ten or more seats will still be able to cross the border at Storskog, which remains the only border crossing point between Norway and Russia.

The government in Oslo emphasizes that exceptions will be made for diplomatic vehicles, for cars owned by Norwegian citizens and members of their families permanently residing in Russia, as well as for trips necessary for humanitarian reasons, such as acute illness, death or family funerals

Ban on the entry of cars with Russian license plates – what is known

On September 8, the European Commission announced that due to the new sanctions, citizens of the Russian Federation cannot import cars with Russian license plates, laptops, smartphones, cosmetics and a number of other goods into the territory of the European Union.

After that, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Poland closed entry for cars with Russian license plates.

At the same time, German customs began seizing cars with Russian license plates upon entering the country from Russians as early as September 5 due to violations of the German law “on foreign trade”.

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