Another EU country joined the G7 declaration on Ukraine


Photo: LETA

Latvia supported the G7 Declaration, which provides Ukraine with security guarantees based on bilateral agreements.

This was announced by Prime Minister Krishjanis Karinsh on his Twitter account.

He noted that Riga will continue to help Ukraine in the fight against the Kremlin.

“Latvia joined the G7 Declaration on supporting Ukraine. Together with our partners, we will support Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression for as long as it takes.” Karinsh wrote.

He added that the Latvian government is also waiting for the creation of a special international tribunal on Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Latvia joins #G7 Declaration of support to Ukraine. Together with our partners we will support #Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s aggression for as long as it takes. We expect an ad hoc international tribunal for 🇷🇺 aggression against 🇺🇦.

— Krišjānis Kariņš (@krisjaniskarins) August 9, 2023

We will remind that Latvia became the 13th country that supported the G7 Declaration. The key points of the document can be found here.

It was previously reported that Ukraine has started negotiations with the US on a bilateral agreement on the provision of security guarantees, as provided for in the G7 Declaration on Support for Ukraine.

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Source: Another EU country joined the G7 declaration on Ukraine


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