Anxiety for victory, sexual literacy and unbalanced Bagbeder – 5 books about debunking myths


Olena Solodovnikova. Worrying talk about victory

This book will help those who want to critically consider the problem of the current situation in Ukraine, but hardly those who dream of the destruction of Russians as a people and Russia as a state. Since this is possible only within the limits of some ephemeral “Ukraine for Ukrainians”, which we lost back in the 1920s, and not for the one that sees itself in Europe, which lives according to its own laws, and where the question of the destruction of any people is not even is considered Therefore, in “Anxious Talks about Victory” by Olena Solodovnikova (H.: Vivat) – a collection of interviews of Ukrainian and foreign intellectuals, diplomats, film directors, actors, musicians, and military personnel – we are talking only about purely rhetorical questions. For example, is it appropriate to build diplomatic relations with a terrorist state after the atrocities of the occupiers? What mechanisms can be used to influence the Russians if sanctions are almost ineffective? What mistakes did the world community make in allowing a full-scale invasion to take place? Will the refugees return to their homeland after the victory? True, sometimes something so “indigenous” breaks through, for example, in the answer of the ex-president of Poland, Lech Walesa. “Four days before the start of the aggression, you stated that in the event of a new military attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine, it is necessary to immediately respond to Putin by attacking Moscow,” he is reminded, and he answers, although quite politically correct, without any of the above-mentioned “destruction”: – I am a player who always goes ahead – against the enemy. When he says that he wants to attack Kyiv, then I will attack Moscow. Everything must be done so that Moscow is attacked. I am not talking about people, but about palaces, the Kremlin. How can this be allowed the destruction of the capital of Ukraine? And that’s why I would have fought in a different way and would have already destroyed the Kremlin.” Today, during the genocide of the Ukrainian population carried out by Moscow, it sounds as innocent as Zakhar Mai’s old song from the 1980s, which had the same “seditious” lines: “When our tanks enter Moscow, / We will hang many! “

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Debra So. The end of gender. Debunking myths about gender and identity

This book not only debunks common myths surrounding sex, gender, and sexual behavior, but also reveals the methods by which today’s media, educational institutions, and academic institutions perpetuate them. So in the study “The End of Gender. Debunking the Myths of Gender and Identity” by Debra So (K.: Our Format), we are reminded that postulates about the existence of only two genders – male and female – which, it would seem, were considered self-evident truths yesterday questioned by many and considered outdated. And any study of sex, gender and sexual behavior has turned from a purely scientific activity into a sphere of political struggle, and gender ideology has become a certain cult. “At first, I had no idea that everything would be so bad,” the author admits. will be only temporary phenomena. Until now, the pendulum has only moved in one direction for a long time. It must definitely swing back.” In this way, in her provocative book, its author – a neurobiologist and sexologist – debunks popular myths about sex and gender that are promoted in modern society, including those related to raising children. The author also draws attention to how gender ideology in the West suppresses academic freedom, as well as freedom of speech in general, because only politically correct questions are allowed that will not offend the feelings and beliefs of certain selected groups. However, facts will remain facts and will never prevail over ideological preferences. Well, as if in the aforementioned collection of “intellectual” interviews about Ukraine.

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Jesper Jul. Your competent child

The author of this book also debunks many myths that are created in the system of child education. In general, “Your Competent Child. The Path to New Values ​​of Your Family” by Jesper Jul offers a new value basis for relationships between children and adults, built on equality, when the personal integrity of both parties is respected and taken seriously. Having been published back in 1995, the book revolutionized the basic understanding of the child and its development. Since then, it has been a welcome help for parents, grandparents, and professionals. To this day, this work, through detailed descriptions and concrete examples, teaches us how to take personal, equal and clear responsibility for our children, without violating their integrity and without ignoring the fundamental needs of children. “Part of the mission of this book – says the author – is to explain that most of what is understood as education is unnecessary and harmful, because it is not only unhealthy for children, but also blocks the very human growth and development of adults and ultimately has a detrimental effect on contact between children and adults. This creates a vicious cycle that also affects our understanding of early childhood pedagogy, learning, social pedagogy, treatment, and child and family policy.”

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Frederick Bagbeder. Memories of an unbalanced young man

…Everyone believes that the two thousand (zero) years were a wonderful time of fun adventurers, rainbow postmodernism and fun hipsters. In fact, not always and not everywhere. For example, in conservative England – usually not so much. In America, of course, it is much better. As for France, where the author of this novel lives, cultural traditions, where snobbish wine instead of democratic beer, have been around for a long time, and the hot 99 francs appeared in the name of a world bestseller just as long before turning into faceless euros. In FrΓ©dΓ©ric Begbeder’s newly published debut novel “Memoirs of an Unbalanced New Year” (K.: Laboratory), we also have unchanged “French” national values ​​at the beginning, such as a big nose and a sausage on the table. “I remember that we often wandered around,” the hero of the novel recalls. . There was a fashion for checkered shirts and postmodern nihilism. There were tulips in a vase in the living room, and a board with sausage cut into thick slices lay on the table.” However, then everything is as usual, it is for nothing that the price tags do not jump out on the screen, as in the above-mentioned bestseller, which was based on an equally cult film. This time, the author adheres to his unique style, building the foundation for the image of a free-spirited and frank writer who does not pay attention to any conventions. And the most interesting thing is that he creates his own literary double in the character. What of this is true and what is fiction – it remains to be guessed, because the main character of the novel Marc Marronier is a fairly wealthy young Frenchman who is delighted with parties, alcohol, drugs and sex. Cynical, sarcastic, and at times even cruel, he indulges in the pleasures that life generously offers. But what is really behind the perfect picture? And who is hiding behind a typically masculine image, because it is worth reminding that the title of Bagbeder’s novel “Memoirs of an Unbalanced New Year” refers to “Memoirs of a Confused Girl” by the famous feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir.

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Henry Marsh. And finally

At the beginning of this book, the author writes not only about the debunking of some myths, but in general about cruel disappointment. It should be added that Henry Marsh’s “And Finally” (L.: Old Lion Publishing House) is generally quite dramatic reading. “Perhaps I expected that the sight of my own brain would only increase my fascination with neuroscience, which once led me to neurosurgery, fill me with a sense of elation. How vain it was on my part! – recalls the author. – Just before my eyes in black and white a picture of aging unfolded across the countryside, with the incipient signs of death and decay already present. Before me was the image of my own shriveled and withered seventy-year-old brain. a sad and worn copy of what it once was.” So the author of the book is a neurosurgeon with many years of experience and is retired. He fought for human lives, and now he himself found himself in a situation that could become his death sentence. In this book, he writes about the confusing path from the doctor to the patient, because now he is no longer in a doctor’s gown, but his last name is on the patient’s card. The author jots down memories of the past and reflects on matters that need to be completed. And now, more than ever, he is fascinated by the mysteries of science and the brain, the beauty of the natural world, and the love of his family. So here we have an elegiac, frank, bright and poignant book about life, death and what, in the end, matters.



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