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The main hardware innovation of the new model will be the transition to a USB-C charging port instead of the proprietary Lightning.

The Dynamic Island was one of the main differences between the iPhone 14 Pro and all previous models, and many users have assumed that the 15 Pro will not offer anything new compared to last year’s model. We understand what the new smartphone can demonstrate.

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What’s new in iPhone 15

Since Dynamic Island will be present in the entire 15th line, the main differences iPhone 15 Pro from 14 Pro are “under the hood”. The first thing worth noting is the A17 Bionic processor, Apple’s new and most productive solution. The chip is manufactured on the basis of a 3-nm process, which made it possible to increase power by 15% compared to A16 and reduce power consumption by 30%. Also, the A17 will be equipped with six GPU cores, which increases the performance of the 15 Pro by 15% in graphics tasks.

Together with the improved processor, the gadget will be equipped with:

8 GB of RAM, which makes the device more convenient in multitasking mode and will allow you to manage a large number of applications without reloading;

2 TB of built-in storage in the maximum configuration, which will allow you to store massive data, including photos and videos in uncompressed format.

In the novelty, the manufacturer will abandon the branded toggle switch for switching modes in favor of a customizable Action button, which can perform several functions. For example, you can launch different applications depending on the number of clicks or assign any shortcut from the “Commands” program, which will increase functionality many times iPhone 15 Pro.

But the main hardware innovation of the new model will be the transition to a USB-C charging port instead of the proprietary Lightning. And this brings two important changes to the Pro model:

Ability to charge all Apple devices with a single power adapter and cable.

An increase in data transfer speed up to 20 Gbps, which will enable professionals to export content shot on 15 Pro faster.

These innovations make the smartphone more functional for creative professionals and demanding users who want to get the most out of the smartphone.

Should I wait for the iPhone 15 Pro?

If you’re looking for the fastest and most advanced phone Apple has to offer, the iPhone 15 Pro will meet your needs. It will not differ from last year’s model in terms of screen, but it will receive a number of notable hardware innovations.

However, this does not mean that the iPhone 14 Pro will immediately become obsolete after the release of its successor. The device will compromise on some points, but it will still be extremely powerful and fast. And considering that the price of the gadget will drop after the presentation of the 2023 models, for many users the purchase of the 14 Pro will be more profitable.



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