Arestovich relieved of duty as adviser to President's Office - news from Ukraine, Politics

Arestovich relieved of duty as adviser to President’s Office – news from Ukraine, Politics

Arestovich relieved of duty as adviser to Presidents Office

Aleksey Arestovich has been relieved of his duties as a non-staff adviser to the President’s Office. About it in the comment Presidential spokesman said Sergei Nikiforov.

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“The order to dismiss Arestovich reads as follows: to release Alexei Arestovich from his duties as an adviser to the President’s Office, in brackets – out of state,” Nikiforov said.

When asked how to fire an out-of-state person, he replied: “I’m not ready to go into legal details, but even outside the state the person was somehow registered.”

  • After the Russian strike on January 14, 2023 with an X-22 missile on a high-rise building in Dnipro, which killed dozens of civilians and wounded even more people, the occupiers threw in that “this air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down our missile – it deviated from the trajectory, falling on the house.”
  • On one of the talk shows that same evening, Arestovich “assumed” the same thing, at first without referring to anyone. Later, he added that he was “told about this by a comrade, a former air defense officer”, who “was walking down the street at the time of the hit”: “He told me that he heard two explosions at 100% and identified the first one as the work of air defense.”
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the house was destroyed by a missile that the air defense did not shoot down, and the bomber crew knew that hitting the Kh-22 on the city was terrorism.
  • On January 17, Arestovich “apologised for a serious mistake on the air,” but declaredthat it allegedly “brought neither reputational nor legal consequences for Ukraine.”
  • Today, Arestovich announced that he had written a letter of resignation from the post of non-staff adviser to the OP.

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