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The National Police has launched a pre-trial investigation into ex-adviser of the Presidential Office Alexei Arestovich. This was reported by the people’s deputy from Vote Inna Sovsun, who previously wrote a statement against the blogger because of his statements about women.

β€œToday I received a response from the police about the start of a pre-trial investigation. This means that the police are now obliged to conduct an investigation,” she wrote.

According to the people’s deputy, she received a response from the Prosecutor General that the case had been transferred to the Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office.

Sovsun added a photo of the response from the National Police, it says that the information from the statement was included in the unified register of pre-trial investigations on the grounds of a criminal offense under Article 300 of the Criminal Code.

This is the importation, production or distribution of works that promote the cult of violence and cruelty, racial, national or religious intolerance and discrimination.

The second part of this article provides for a penalty of up to UAH 68,000 fine (for 2023) or restriction of freedom for up to five years.

REFERENCE. One of Arestovich’s areas of activity is paid and closed seminars.

September 25 on the “Palaye” YouTube channel published clippings from these blogger seminars on relationships between men and women. In particular, he talks about the desire supposedly to β€œstrangle women”, which allegedly arises in men.

β€œBoys, as long as the girls don’t hear us, we can talk to you normally and openly. Tell me, what do you want to do with these creatures? To strangle them. And to choke them, without letting go. At first, of course, you want to fuck… but when you get tired of them “, got used to it, or you’ve had enough, then you want to fucking strangle her so that she never exists. And after that, don’t open your fingers for three years until you’re guaranteed to strangle her. With this whining, with anxiety, with attempts to control, castrate, not let anywhere,” – said Arestovich.

On September 28, Sovsun wrote a statement against the blogger.

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