Armenia appeals against Azerbaijan to the UN International Court of Justice


About this it is said to the notice of the court, informs “European truth”.

In the lawsuit, Armenia asks the International Court of the United Nations for temporary measures, which Azerbaijan is obliged to implement due to, as Yerevan claims, discrimination against the Armenian population of Karabakh.

Among other things, Baku is required to withdraw all military and law enforcement personnel from all civilian institutions in Nagorno-Karabakh, facilitate the access of the UN mission and the Red Cross to the region, and provide communal services.

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Armenia also wants Azerbaijan to be obliged to “refrain from punitive actions against current or former political representatives or military personnel of Nagorno-Karabakh”, not to destroy any monument to the Armenian genocide of 1915, and to recognize documents issued by the authorities of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh.

Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

On September 19, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced the beginning of “local anti-terrorist measures” to restore constitutional order in Karabakh. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia stated that Azerbaijan is carrying out “ethnic cleansing” in this way.

Protesters clashed with the police in the center of Yerevan. As of the morning of September 20, data Radio Azatutyun, as a result of clashes near the government building in Yerevan, at least 34 people were injured, 16 of them police officers, 18 civilians.

On September 20, the Nagorno-Karabakh authorities announced a ceasefire. The President of Azerbaijan stated that “all tasks in the region” have been completed.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Ararat Mirzoyan, made a statement in which he called on the UN to create a peacekeeping mission in Nagorno-Karabakh to ensure stability and security there.

On September 22, Azerbaijan announced an amnesty for the Armenian military of Nagorno-Karabakh, who will surrender their weapons.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed “unconditional” support for Armenia in the conflict with Azerbaijan. He emphasized that France will continue to provide support both at the humanitarian and political levels

On September 25, protesters in Yerevan announced a general action of defiance in the country in the next three days.

The head of the European Party of Armenia, Tigran Khzmalyan, commented on the events in Yerevan and noted that Russia is trying to deport thousands of people from Karabakh for a coup in the country.

On September 27, it became known that 192 Azerbaijani servicemen died during “anti-terrorist measures” in Nagorno-Karabakh, and another 511 were injured.

As of the evening of September 29, about 100,000 refugees have arrived in Armenia from Nagorno-Karabakh.

The day before, the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said that Baku recognizes the territorial integrity of Armenia. He also added that there are no more “gray zones” on the territory of his country.



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