As result of missile attacks in Zaporizhia region, two rescuers killed, seven more people injured – police


Russian occupation forces launched three missile attacks on Komyshuvacha community (Zaporizhia region): two rescuers were killed, three more were injured, and four local residents were also injured, the National Police said.

“In Zaporizhia, the Russians launched three missile attacks on Komyshuvacha community, there are dead and wounded: the police are documenting the consequences of a Russian war crime,” the National Police said on the Telegram channel on Saturday.

Reportedly, as a result of the first two missile hits (the type is being established), four local residents were injured, and a residential building caught fire. When police and rescuers arrived at the scene, the military of the terrorist country carried out another attack.

Two employees of the State Emergency Service were killed, and three more of their colleagues were injured of varying degrees of severity.



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