At night, the occupiers staged "street battles" in Kherson, blaming the Armed Forces

At night, the occupiers staged “street battles” in Kherson, blaming the Armed Forces

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The occupiers are trying to accuse the Ukrainian military of conducting mindless street battles in the cities, having staged shootings on the streets of Kherson last night and passing it off as counter-subversive measures.

About this reports Operational Command “South”.

“The occupying forces resort to provocations: shooting on the streets of Kherson and other populated areas, they pass it off as counter-subversive measures, trying to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of mindless street fighting among the civilian population. The terrorist forces themselves are shelling the houses of civilians, civilian and critical infrastructure objects, violating the norms of International Humanitarian Law, the laws and customs of war… In the occupied settlements, checks are being strengthened, but now they are looking not only for “Ukrainian Nazis”, but also of their own, who fled the battlefield and, disguised in civilian clothes, are looking for ways to evacuate”– said the message of the command.

The death of collaborators in Kherson, Luhansk and Berdyansk: who is behind it and is there a trace of Ukraine hereIs Ukraine behind the mass extermination of collaborators on September 16, or is it the result of their internal strife – in the material Word and Deed
September 16, 2022, 7:40 p.m

At the same time, in the Office of the President of Ukraine considerthat the large-scale shooting in the center of temporarily captured Kherson is the result of a domestic conflict between the Russian invaders, who did not share the loot.

According to his words, “the large-scale shooting in the center of Kherson is another manifestation of the growing tension between the PMK, the prisoners, the Kadyrivets, the Russian military and the FSB.”

“The number of “domestic conflicts” is increasing. The parties aggressively share the loot before fleeing against the background of news about the approach of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”– said Podolyak.

We will remind that on Sunday, September 18, explosions rang out in temporarily occupied Kherson.

The day before, the Armed Forces hit the control post of the occupiers in Kherson.

An attack was also made on buildings in the center of temporarily occupied Kherson, where at that moment a meeting was taking place with the participation of the “leaders” of the city from among pro-Russian collaborators. Kyrylo Stremousov and Kateryna Gubareva miraculously survived the Kherson raiders.

At the same time, the Ukrainian command managed to confirm the destruction of 180 Russians in Kherson by the armed forces.

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Fuente: At night, the occupiers staged “street battles” in Kherson, blaming the Armed Forces

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