At this stage of war very important for Ukraine to develop local production, it’ll be hard without foreign technology


Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine Oleksandr Kamyshin has said it is important to develop local production in Ukraine at the current stage of the war, calling on foreign companies to participate in this.

“At this stage of the war, it is very important for us to develop local production. Without foreign technologies it will be hard to do this. I am grateful to all foreign companies and countries that have been helping us since the first day of the war. I will be glad if they now find an opportunity for themselves, their countries, their companies to develop local production in Ukraine,” he said told journalists on the sidelines of the Defense Industries Forum on Saturday.

According to the minister, it does not matter how foreign companies will do this – independently, with Ukrainian or state-owned companies, the main thing is that they develop their production in Ukraine.

Speaking about the issue of production security amid Russia’s attacks, Kamyshin noted that Ukraine has learned to live and work in conditions of constant shelling.

“And I think this is the best example that we can ensure security for our entire production chain. And in this regard, this is a good example for foreign companies. Many of them are here for the first time, but some companies are not new to Ukraine, and they see how resilient we are,” he said.

When asked whether there are plans to develop the production of Ukrainian weapons abroad, Kamyshin said that there is such a task from President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“For now, we can see more opportunities for production on the territory of Ukraine with foreign companies. But if we see the readiness of foreign companies to develop production with us outside the territory of Ukraine, in neighboring countries, we will also consider such opportunities,” the minister said.



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