attacking Ukrainian ports, offering 1 mln tonnes of grain as gift to Africa is cynicism, parody of generosity


President of the European Council Charles Michel, speaking at a meeting of G20 leaders in New Delhi (India), openly accused the representative of Russia, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, of cynicism and a parody of generosity, when the Russian Federation bombs Ukrainian port infrastructure and offers 1 million tonnes of grain as a gift to African countries.

Speaking at the opening of the G20 session, Michel recalled the Black Sea Grain Initiative, from which the Russian Federation withdrew back in July. “And what cynicism, Mr Russian Representative, you did not accept this because not only have you decided to pull out of this agreement on the Black Sea, but at the same time you are attacking the port infrastructures. You are blocking the ports that give access to the Black Sea, and even to the Danube. And to add insult to injury, Russia is offering 1 million tonnes of grain to African countries in a parody of generosity. What cynicism and contempt for African countries, when we know that the Black Sea agreement has so far delivered more than 30 million tonnes of exports, mainly to the most vulnerable countries. And that the solidarity routes, alternative routes developed by the EU and with the EU, have already enabled 40 million tonnes of grain to be exported. 1 million tonnes offered β€” as if it were a gift. This is absolutely appalling cynicism. On the other hand, there are those who are really fighting to come to the aid of the most fragile and vulnerable populations,” his press service quotes the words of the President of the European Council.

Michel emphasized that the war that was unleashed against Ukraine by a permanent member of the UN Security Council (the Russian Federation is a permanent member of the UN Security Council),” is putting to the test a rules-based world that is the legacy of the United Nations Charter, which considers sovereignty and territorial integrity to be principles that guarantee peace, security and stability. At One Earth, we want a better future for the generations that follow us. We must fight for peace with nature, the fight against climate change. But we must also fight against those who start wars completely irresponsibly. This has an impact beyond the security of the European continent. It has an impact around the world. It affects energy, inflation, and worsens energy security,” he said.

In this regard, Michel emphasized that this is why the EU “firmly supports the UN Charter and the just peace proposed by President Zelenskyy.”

As you know, the Russian Federation is represented at the meeting of G20 leaders by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.



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