Attacks on Russia and occupied Crimea


The enemy has financial opportunities to restore damaged objects, the question is whether the Russian Federation will be able to circumvent sanctions.

An expert estimated the losses of the Russian Federation after strikes by Ukrainian forces / UNIAN collage, photo from social networks, screenshot

Military expert, founder of “Reaktivna poshta” BO Pavlo Narozhny assessed the damage caused to Russia during the last strikes on enemy ships in the occupied Crimea and other objects on the territory of the Russian Federation itself. It is about billions of dollars.

“I do not undertake to estimate the overall economic scale, including the value of the ship repair plant that was hit recently. A submarine and a ship were destroyed, and the docks where the explosions took place were also damaged. It can be said unequivocally that the infrastructure of this plant was disrupted. I can’t even imagine how much it might cost to repair and how long it would take to repair or build it. You can also mention the explosion at the artillery ammunition factory in Serhiyiv Posad, Moscow Region. It’s about billions of dollars to build such a factory from scratch.” he said in an interview with UNIAN.

At the same time, if we talk about strikes on airfields, then the cost of each plane is already a question, the expert claims. For example, Tu-22 aircraft are not produced in Russia, so in this case we are talking about very expensive strikes.

“If we talk about the destruction of air defense systems, in particular the S-400 in Tarkhankut in Crimea, then such a system costs 1.2 billion dollars each, and we know about the destruction of at least two,” Narozhny emphasized.

The expert also mentioned the recently destroyed submarine, which was disabled after the attack on the occupied Sevastopol.

“They have four of them. In other words, one quarter of all the available Caliber carrier submarines, which Russia uses to attack Ukraine, were destroyed. And they cannot bring new submarines to Crimea by sea and cannot transport them by rail,” he said. .

Unfortunately, the enemy has the financial means to recover lost property. Here the question arises in the sanctions – whether Russia will be able to purchase the necessary equipment for this.

“Even if somehow they can bypass the sanctions, it is both a question of money and a question of time. After all, they have to purchase equipment, connect it and test it, and only then set up production (high-tech production costs many billions of dollars). The issue of quality is very important here of manufactured ammunition, because a small error during production greatly affects their quality. If we talk about armored vehicles, the Russians, for example, now do not have time to restore tanks that were previously in storage. Although this is not production, but just repair. However, they can’t fix even that. That is, they have tanks in warehouses, but they don’t have time to restore them in such a quantity that Ukraine destroys them. But in general, the blows that Ukraine is now inflicting on the Russian rear are very serious blows on the enemy’s ability to continue the war,” added Pavlo Narozhny.

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Strikes on Russia and the occupied territories: the latest news

On the Kinburn spit, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian Grad anti-aircraft missile defense system. The Russians were hiding to deliver a fire strike, but the Ukrainian defenders were able to track down the enemy equipment and destroy it.

In the occupied Crimea, two Russian ships were destroyed at once – the large landing ship “Minsk” and the submarine “Rostov-on-Don”. After that, the Russians began to hide their ships away. Serhii Bratchuk, the spokesman of the Ukrainian volunteer army “South”, said that some ships of the Russian Federation are taken out to sea, and others are hidden near Novorossiysk.

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