Attempt to bribe Kubrakov: the developer was released from custody on a 100 million dollar bail


Photo: NABU

Developer Serhii Kopistira, whom NABU and SAP suspect of trying to bribe the Deputy Prime Minister for the Reconstruction of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov, has been released from pretrial detention.

Interlocutors in anti-corruption law enforcement agencies informed the “Slovo i Dilo” journalist about this.

Kopistira was in custody for less than a day. A court-determined bail of 100 million hryvnias was posted for him.

In addition, the Copyist will have to comply with a number of duties. He must, among other things, refrain from communicating with other persons involved in the case and wear an electronic bracelet.

We will remind, according to the investigation, during August-November 2023, Kopistira, in collusion with the director of the state-owned enterprise “Ukrkomunobslugovuvannia” Alla Suchon, made an offer to give an illegal benefit to Kubrakov for the benefit of his own company LLC “Citigasservice”. Unlawful profit should be 2% of the area of ​​the residential complex, which will be built in the future on land in the Podilsky district of Kyiv at 43 Tiraspolska Street. That is, the approximate size of the wrongful profit in the form of real estate should be from 4,200 to 4,900 square meters.

This real estate was offered so that Kubrakov would not make changes or break the contracts of December 9, 2022, concluded between the State Enterprise “Ukrkomunobslugovuvannia” (under the control of the Ministry of Development) and LLC “Citigasservice”. On October 5, Kopistrya, through an intermediary, submitted the specified data regarding the transfer of unlawful benefit – the real estate area should be 5,257.37 square meters. m. In October-November, Kopistrya provided part of the illegal benefit to Kubrakov – he arranged 15 apartments for Anton Hetman’s trustee at the address of st. Akademika Zabolotny, 148, with a total area of ​​785 square meters. m. In November, one of the 15 apartments on Hetman street was registered. Akademika Zabolotny, 148v building 3 with a total area of ​​39.81 square meters. On November 21, Kopistiri and Suchon reported the suspicion.

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Source: Attempt to bribe Kubrakov: the developer was released from custody on a 100 million dollar bail


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