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The Russian occupiers have intensified attacks in the Avdeevka area, advancing with infantry and launching massive air strikes. This is reported by Ukrainian channels that cover the war.

On the evening of October 10, the speaker of the Tavria Defense Forces, Alexander Shtupun, said that the enemy had become more active near Avdiivka, but Ukrainian soldiers repelled all attacks and prevented the loss of lines and positions.

Ukrainian military man with the call sign “Osman” published video of the Russian assault in the city area. He notes that the enemy attacks with large concentrations of infantry and tries to capture positions due to numerical superiority.

Companion LIGA.netwho is fighting in this direction, confirmed information about massive air strikes by the Russian Army since the morning of October 10.

Well-known OSINT channel Deep State writesthat on October 10, the invaders attacked in several columns with landing troops under the cover of artillery, aviation and missiles – analysts write that the assaults were from Krasnohorivka, Novoselovka Vtoroy, Vodyanoy, Peskov and Vesely.

It is noted that the occupiers were counting on a quick breakthrough, but suffered heavy losses in equipment, and the fighting continues.

Russian equipment near Avdeevka (Photo: Nikolay Kolesnik/Facebook)

Chief of Staff of the Azov National Guard Brigade Bogdan “Tavr” Krotevich statedthat the Russians have stepped up attacks along the entire eastern front.

Journalist Yuri Butusov believesthat Avdiivka is of strategic importance for Russia, as it is the β€œgate” to temporarily occupied Donetsk, from which Moscow wants to push the front line.

β€œThe presence of dense buildings in Donetsk and Yasinovataya contributes to covert actions, the deployment of artillery among residential areas, and covert actions of armored vehicles,” Butusov said.

He noted that the enemy is trying to avoid fighting in the city and is trying to create a threat of encirclement of Ukrainian troops.

β€œThe Defense Forces also have their advantages in this area. We understand well where and how the enemy is going to go. Now these advantages need to be realized. Our artillery and attack drones have many targets,” the journalist concluded.

  • On October 10, the commander of the Tauride direction reported that the Russian occupiers had increased their activity, and fighting continued in the Tauride direction.
  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the invaders are advancing in the areas of Donetsk, Kremennaya and Kupyansk, the Defense Forces continue assault operations south of Bakhmut, and have partial success in the Andreevka area.
  • On October 9, the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that the losses of the Russian invaders in the Zaporozhye direction had decreased due to deteriorating weather.

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Source: liga.net


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