Azovstal is cut to pieces, - Andryushchenko

Azovstal is cut to pieces, – Andryushchenko

This was announced by Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, on Espresso.

“Azovstal is being demined and cut into scrap. Some metal workers have been started on a commercial basis – they demine and cut it themselves. Then they rent it to collaborators for one price, who then take it to Rostov and rent it 20 times more expensive. As for the metal plant – demining and arrangement are going on there military bases. Many camps, under different divisions, in different directions,” he noted.

According to the mayor’s adviser, the metal plant is an area closed to people.

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“There is still AzovElectroStal, there are melting furnaces there, and they want to start it in the spring. So that the scrap that is collected in the city is remelted and sold as metal products. Scrap, unlike rolled metal, is not under sanctions in the Russian Federation. The port works very slowly, because there is enough electrical capacity for the port cranes to work normally,” Andryushchenko concluded.

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