Biden explained what could have motivated Hamas to attack Israel


Photo: Reuters

US President Joe Biden believes that Washington’s efforts to strengthen stability in the Middle East, as well as deepening cooperation between the US and Saudi Arabia and other countries, could have prompted the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7.

He stated this during press conference on Friday, according to the White House.

“I believe one of the reasons Hamas struck was because they knew I was working closely with the Saudis and other countries in the region to bring peace to the region by recognizing Israel and Israel’s right to exist.” – remarked the president.

Biden noted that he cannot support his words with evidence, because “this is his personal opinion.”

In this context, the American leader recalled the discussion at the G20 summit of a large-scale railway project that would connect India with Europe through the Middle East.

“There was an announcement that said we were going to build a railway from Riyadh through the whole Middle East to Saudi Arabia, Israel and so on, and another way to Europe. No… not a railroad, but it would be an underground pipeline and then a railroad.” – said Biden.

He also stated that Arab countries are interested in working together to change the situation in their region and achieve long-term peace.

“I intend to continue working in this direction,” – said Biden.

We will remind you that the four-day truce in the war between Israel and the extremist group Hamas (recognized as a terrorist group by the EU and the USA) came into effect in the morning of November 24.

It will be recalled that the White House accused Hamas militants of genocide against Israel.

At the same time, Israel and Hamas agreed on a truce mediated by Qatar.

The Pentagon also assured that the US can support Ukraine and Israel at the same time.

In addition, Biden said that the United States will not back down before Putin and Hamas.

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Source: Biden explained what could have motivated Hamas to attack Israel


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